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Valuable Life Lessons Taught from Experience, Misery and Love

I'm much like you, if you're a regular human being.  As life has passed, I've learned many things from hard work, failure, good luck, taking risks and just showing up,  These are those stories.  I hope they are useful to you.

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My Descent Into and Rise From Team Hell

Education is often messy, sometimes confrontational and frequently frustrating. But if sincere learning is the goal, then it's worth it.

Escaping My Kidnapper

I have been terrible at planning my life. Or perhaps I was brilliant, demonstrating a stroke of genius that others will emulate in the...

What Do You Mean It's Up to Her?!?

Only once in my life has time stood still. I can’t describe that brief period as bad or upsetting or even traumatic. All of those...

How Will You Define Yourself?

Some lessons are short lived while others last a lifetime. This is a story about the lifelong version.

From Innocence to Insight

There’s something nostalgic about the innocence of youth that makes childhood feel, through the blurry lens of retrospect that comes with...

Don't Wait for a Prescription From Afar

With all of the big issues we are faced with today, who is best positioned to solve them? This story, and the opinion that resulted, may sur

When Facts Won’t Sway Them

We have some very big decisions to make as a society. Too often, the way we make them leads us down a dangerous path.

Outfoxed - The Dark Art of Spin

If, like me, you get frustrated by news stories that dodge the serious issues or fail to address them head on, you'll appreciate this story.

The People Rowing the Boat

A few thoughts on questions, answers, fears, revelations and why the people rowing the boat are so important

Gaslighting 2.0

Somewhere along the way, back when people were starting to organize themselves into groups that could live and farm together, someone or...

Learning from the Olympics

Sports have always formed a big part of my family’s daily life. Whether it was coaching a group of five year olds tearing around a soccer...

Contracts, Motivation and Making Money

OK, I need to put something out there. It might make me seem shallow, shameless or otherwise morally deficient, but here goes anyway. I...

Managing Change

When I first graduated as an occupational safety and health technologist in 1991, I was on a mission to save the world. Armed with my...

Bad Planning, Good Outcome

I have been terrible at planning my life. Or perhaps I was brilliant, demonstrating a stroke of genius that others will emulate in the...

The Value of Mentors

In that moment, I was convinced that my first official swing of a baseball bat would be my last. It was the early 1970’s and baseball was...

The French Connection

Some days it’s hard to find happiness in what can be a gloomy world. Pick up a newspaper or scan your preferred electronic newsfeed and...

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